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The Tranquil Reflections gift box

The Tranquil Reflections gift box

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The Tranquil Reflections gift box includes:

  • Bespoke Letterpress Huckleberry Notepad Jotter (A5)
  • Bespoke Letterpress Solid Brass pen (boxed)
  • Pachamama Remedies Deep Sleep Botanical Aura, Linen + Room mist 100ml
  • Parodi Cashmere Silk bath bomb
  • Pink silk sleeping eye mask
  • Luxury white box with grosgrain ribbon


When considering a gift that conveys not just thoughtfulness but also a sense of luxury and indulgence, the Tranquil Reflections gift box emerges as an exquisite choice. Crafted with the discerning individual in mind, it serves as a perfect emblem of care and sophistication. Whether it's for Mother's Day, a token of condolence, or simply to pamper someone special in your life, this gift box is designed to provide an unparalleled experience of relaxation and luxury.

At the heart of the Tranquil Reflections gift box is an intricate brass pen alongside a beautifully crafted journal, both from Bespoke Letterpress. This pairing not only appeals to the aesthetically inclined but also to those who cherish the art of writing, making it a thoughtful nod to tradition and personal expression. The tactile pleasure of pen on paper invites the recipient to jot down thoughts, dreams, or even the simple everyday moments that merit remembering, turning the act of writing into a meditative ritual.

Complementing this duo is the inclusion of a luxurious linen and sleep mist and a cashmere silk bath bomb, each meticulously chosen to enhance the experience of tranquility and indulgence. The linen and sleep mist, with its soothing aromas, transforms the bedroom into a sanctuary of peace, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The cashmere silk bath bomb, on the other hand, promises an opulent bath experience, leaving the skin feeling soft and pampered. Together, these elements make the Tranquil Reflections gift box is a thoughtful way to express care, making any occasion memorable.
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